Ambassador Search

We are so excited to host an ambassador search for our new line! This line is incredibly exciting as it professionally manufactured and will officially move us into selling stock items that ship right away. It also gives us the ability to do so much more for our ambassadors and we can't wait!

Dates to Know:

This Ambassador search will be online as well as in person at Dancerpalooza. If you are going to Dancerpalooza, please stop by our booth for all the details on the search as it will be slightly different than those online.

The search will run from June 25th - July 28th and results will be announced around the end of the month.

Ambassador terms will be for 6 months but may be extended. If you are not asked to stay on, please don't take it personally as most won't be asked.  

Who is the ideal #BHGirl?:

- Betty Harlow's largest customer group is 7-12 year olds. Most, not all, of our ambassadors will fall within that range. 

- We very much appreciate accounts that are kept clean and creep free. 

- We do look for accounts that have a good number of followers and tend to have frequent professional-looking photos. Those can be taken by a friend or mom, and don't necessarily need to be done with a photographer as long as they look like they were at a photo shoot. (If you are a photographer ambassador, let us know as that is usually a big help in ensuring that you have consistent content).

- We like to see girls who know how to represent a brand, but not EVERY brand. In other words, we want to know that you want to rep our brand because you LOVE Betty Harlow and not because you apply to all ambassador searches and rep a ton of people already.

- We like to work with girls who are committed to dance, put time into improving, compete at competitions and conventions and experience all the up's and down's of a competitive dancer. 

- Most importantly, we look for girls who are kind, humble, encouraging and uplifting. 

- Ideally, we hope to find someone who can be passionate about our dancewear but also for what it stands for. Girls having the confidence to be themselves while also encouraging others and celebrating their success.

All The Deets:

- Ambassadors will get 3-8 outfits for each term. This depends on each individual's efforts. Girls who generate sales using unique codes, or promote the brand as requested will get dancewear more frequently than those who aren't as passionate about our brand.

- They will be responsible for posting photos and videos of them in the dancewear once a week. Photos should look professional and can be spread across both your story and your feed. 

- During sales, ambassadors will get unique discount codes available during that sale only. Ambassador codes who generate the most sales will get an extra outfit.

- Ambassadors will be asked to wear Betty Harlow outfits during conventions, classes or at other times of opportunity to represent the brand. 

- Ambassadors will be featured on our website and included in our size page that helps moms and dancers find the right fit. 

- We want all of our ambassadors to find new opportunities and recognition and ask that you let us know if you are interested in representing a different but similar dancewear brand.

- Ambassadors may be invited to attend photoshoots primarily held in Salt Lake City, CA with potential out of state locations. 

- Ambassadors may also be invited to do extra things like story takeovers, survey responses/interviews, lives etc. In addition, dancers may be invited to attend optional special events and local pop-up shops and a booth guest & rep. Depending on the opportunity, ambassadors may receive an additional item of dancewear.

How to Enter:

You are not required to own any Betty Harlow dancewear, but you must be a HUGE FAN of our line. It's easy to enter, here's how:

1. Fill out the form below as your official entry. 

2. On Instagram post pictures, share stories, tag and encourage your friends to enter the ambassador search. Show us why we would want you on the team and how you can not only model and rep our brand but also show kindness and encouragement to others. 

3. All posts & comments related to the ambassador search should be tagged with #bhgirlsearch. It is also okay to tag us @bettyharlowdancewear