Modeling FAQ's

Do models get paid?

  • Models are compensated in the clothing that they model and/or by receiving edited photos. Some photoshoots models will wear model samples they will not be able to keep. If modeling more than one outfit in a single session, they will only be eligible to receive one free article of choice. 

What do I do for hair & makeup?

  • Makeup and hair is typically not provided and requested be done by the call time.
  • Hair is worn down and either natural, straight or curled (please no crimped hair). Bring a hair rubberband or large clip as we may do some shots in a messy bun or twist.
  • Natural makeup: Blush, Neutral eyeshadow, neutral lipstick or gloss & mascara. Eyebrows can be darkened but no false lashes, please. No bright reds, dark smokey eyes or bold makeup unless the shoot specifically calls for it.

What should I bring?

  • Bring a hair rubberband or large clip in case we do a messy bun look. 
  • If on pointe, bring pointe shoes

Do I need to know how to pose, or will someone help me?

  • We will provide direction, but please come prepared with 10-15 poses saved on a phone. We are careful with leg extension poses and 100% avoid any poses that would be considered a "crotch shot". Poses should show off the dancewear. We will also try and get action shots if time allows. 

How many girls do you use on your photoshoots and what do you consider when selecting?

  • We typically do shoots once a month and use a good mix of girls. We like to give new girls opportunity and also like to give girls we have worked with a repeat opportunity to use what they have learned in previous shoots and continue growing. 
  • Sometimes our shoots are specific and we are looking for a certain look/feel, others are more general where we like to show a mix of models. 
  • We most often shoot dancers between 9-12 and typically have 4-7 dancers per shoot.
  • When selecting models we are looking for dancers with good technique and dancing capability. We like to recognize and prioritize talent and skill. 

Where are your photoshoots?

  • Most photo shoots are done in Salt Lake or Utah County areas and typically do not cover travel expenses.
  • We shoot indoor and outdoor and use a mix of professional and amateur photographers and videographers.

I already model for someone else, can I still model for Betty Harlow?

  • Absolutely! Just make sure that you don't have any conflicting contracts or agreements with anyone else. Once photos have been taken, models will not be able to withhold them from being published due to contractual requirements with other brands. 

    What time do I arrive and do parents stay or drop off?

    • Please come 15 minutes early. We will get dressed and start stretching right away.
    • Parents are welcome to attend but it is not necessary.

    When can I share photos and can I post behind-the-scenes pictures?

    • As soon as you get your photos you can share them. Please make sure you tag @bettyharlowdancewear and a photographer if applicable. You can also use any or all of these hashtags: #bettyharlow #bettyharlowdancewear #bhgirl
    • Behind the scenes photos are encouraged!

    What should I expect?

    • To have fun, meet new friends, model and get free dancewear and get beautiful photos you can share. 
    • We will take posed shots and if time allows, action shots and video. You may be asked to lightly improv, nothing too scary or challenging. 
    • In the beginning, we will take 10-15 minutes to explain what we are looking for and how to get AMAZING photos!
    • If you haven't given us your measurements, we will take them on site. Measurements are used to help us with sizing guidance and making sure our pieces fit as expected. 
    • You will be asked to share your feedback and opinion on our dancewear. Your honest opinion helps us improve our brand and continue to make pieces dancers love!
    • A link to your photos will be delivered within a week from the shoot. 
    • Models get 25% off all full-price leotards using the code BHGIRL at checkout. For sale or clearance items, we ask that you not use this code as the dancewear is already discounted. This code is valid through 2019 and can be used as many times as desired. 
    • If you choose to be tagged in photos, you can expect to receive some follow requests/followers that we would consider "creep" accounts and should be blocked. Unfortunately, these accounts troll dance clothing and feature pages and will try and follow dancers who appear on the page. We recommend private or parent monitored accounts and ask that all BH girls participate in practicing internet safety and block accounts deemed necessary.